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Every Titanium pan is Certified by the NSF, The Nationwide Sanitation Foundation. This makes it certified for commercial use. Each Peice and lid is oven-safe as much as 500 levels! Simply slip off the rubber "cool handle". The metal handles are all tri-riveted. Nothing is screwed on or spot welded so that they won’t break off or come loose. The rivets are additionally embedded with the oil-free, titanium surface. All of the lids are heavy duty stainless steel and have an adjustable steam vent constructed right in. Every lid is recessed about a half inch, making a reservoir for any liquid which will boil over and preventing messy spillovers. Titanium Cookware has all of the advantages. TITANIUM COOKWARE IS A Truly NON STICK COOKWARE THAT LASTS, With out THE CHEMICALS Found in TEFLON. Titanium Cookware may not be for everybody. That’s why we've got created a pdf information on 7 Issues You'll want to Know Before you purchase. How irritating is it when your food sticks to your pan? Particularly if it is a pan that's supposed to be non-stick? For me, it made me indignant. Like, really offended! Not to say, I had a ton of anxiety over the fact that I didn’t know what my non stick pan was doing to me and my family. What if my accomplice forgets and uses metal utensils? Will the non stick coating come off and poison us? Will we get most cancers? It was so irritating! Things are completely different now. In the present day, I’m in a position to sleep at night time knowing that my family is consuming meals that isn't uncovered to harmful chemicals. Plus, I’m simply blissful. I’m completely happy because I can cook actually anything, and the cleanup takes 10 seconds. No sticking, ever. It just doesn’t occur. Sounds unbelievable proper? Perhaps too good to be true? Properly, it’s not. It’s 2016 and in today’s world of new and rising know-how, this has turn out to be a reality within the kitchen. Hi, my title is Dan and that i run the online operations here. Before I worked for this company, I was truly a customer. In reality, that’s WHY I work for this company. At the time, I used to be residing in Chicago and barely making it on time to work each morning. Chicago site visitors was insane! So having time to cook breakfast within the morning was a challenge if I didn’t have a clear pan! Generally I would leave the house hungry. I'd cook, but then instantly put the pan within the sink to soak before I left for the day. By the point I received house, I was useless drained and really didn't feel like cleaning. So the cycle continued. I get up the following morning and I would have to wash my pan before I used it, or simply not eat. The worst part, this was a Teflon pan. It was imagined to be nonstick! Certain, I’m taking a risk by having this pan in my house when it is thought to give off toxic fumes, however what was I imagined to do? Soak and scrub stainless steel? Despite the fact that Teflon is "nonstick", it will still stick! Plus I was tremendous anxious about health points! It was a lose lose situation. Then this Cookware changed my life. I used to be on the lookout for a new job, so I answered an advert that was on the lookout for individuals to do dwell cooking reveals. I thought this would be a pretty cool job, so I went for it. As it turned out, they were promoting a brand new kind of non-stick cookware. So straight away, my internal skeptic got here out. I was already aggravated with my non stick cookware at home and had completed a bunch of research on Teflon. I knew there was one distinct chemical part in Teflon that was responsible for the dangerous toxins. A company called DuPont makes Teflon. They use PFOA, also called C8, when manufacturing Teflon/nonstick cookware. If you’re not acquainted with this chemical, you possibly can watch the video beneath and see simply how harmful it's. I knew I undoubtedly didn't wish to promote something that contained this chemical. So I figured as a substitute of asking if this new cookware they were exhibiting me contained Teflon, I be slick and ask if it contained PFOA (C8) directly. So I asked, "Does this cookware contain PFOA? That is the place I bought completely floored. That’s proper, no PFOA in these pans! They even made some extent to print it on a sticker and slap it on the pan! Okay Ok nice. It doesn’t have dangerous toxins like Teflon does. But would it not can be as nonstick? Then I watched the demonstration and that i couldn’t believe what I saw. The man actually put an egg in a pan with no butter or oil, cooked it, help and up, and the egg just fell out from gravity. I believed it was a trick. It needed to be. How can you cook an egg with no oil and it just falls out? So then they began teaching me the demo, I used to be waiting for the trick, the gimmick, the slight of hand. But it surely by no means came. They only mentioned, "Okay now put the egg within the pan, let it cook for a sec, after which hold the pan up and blow it out". Positive sufficient, that damn egg fell proper out! So I asked, "If it’s not Teflon, what is it? That’s when he advised me it was made with Titanium. He defined that Teflon makes use of a chemical response in an effort to become non-stick (PFOA/C8). Titanium Cookware uses metals to create a non-stick floor, not chemicals. The metallic response is the connection between 99.9% titanium, a really small quantity of ceramic. This steel response results in a pan that is 10 instances more nonstick Teflon! You may watch the video under to see simply how crazy nonstick Titanium Cookware is over Teflon. This is actually a recorded video from a reside demonstration at a tradeshow. Long story short, I went on to become of the top salesmen for this cookware. Why? I imply in any case, I wasn’t that great of a salesman! The actual cause I did so nicely . I ever offered, that I actually believed in. Earlier than I'm going into what this cookware can do for you, I’d like to set the stage by debunking some myths about nonstick cookware and Teflon. There's a ton of misinformation on the market, and you should know the reality. 1: Teflon is at all times toxic to cook with. This isn't entirely true. Most cookware corporations will inform you this in an try to sell cookware that isn’t nonstick in any respect. I’d prefer to be sensible with you instead. Teflon contains a chemical often called PFOA (C8). That is confirmed by DuPont, the corporate that make Teflon. PFOA has been utilized in industrial manufacturing for the reason that 1950s. The EWG refers to PFOA as an "indestructible" chemical - which implies that it never breaks down within the atmosphere. Each molecule of PFOA that has ever been produced remains to be in our air, our water, and our our bodies. IF activated, PFOA ends up in your blood when you use nonstick pans, and it stays there for as long as you live. Extra publicity you have got, the upper the risk of well being points you've, like cancer. However what activates it? Backside line is, if you set a Teflon pan on the stove on low heat, PFOA is not going to be activated and also you shouldn't be exposed. Nevertheless, when you attain 680°F, it’s a special story. That is the place the hazard comes into play. In new assessments performed by a college food security professor, a generic non-stick frying pan preheated on a conventional, electric stovetop burner reached 736°F in three minutes and 20 seconds. At 680°F Teflon pans launch a minimum of six toxic gases, including two carcinogens, two international pollutants, and MFA, a chemical lethal to people at low doses. Here is something really hilarious. DuPont argues that a Teflon pan will never attain 680°, because you won't ever have to get that pan that sizzling to cook food. Due to this fact, it protected to use. So I determined to place this declare To the check myself. I went to Walmart and bought a cheap Teflon pan. I put it on the stove for just a few minutes to see what temperature it might attain and the way shortly. Watch the video beneath to see why DuPont’s claim is completely false. So if we can’t use Teflon pans on excessive or even medium excessive heat, then what good are they? You don’t have to fret about how sizzling your pan gets when using Titanium Cookware. Why? Easy. Titanium Cookware does not comprise PFOA. It just doesn’t. Titanium is without doubt one of the safest supplies on the planet, it is even used in medical purposes for replacing bones in the human physique. 2: Aluminum is bad for you, so you need to keep away from it. This is another mess I'd like to deal with with some clarification. First let me be clear that our cookware is just not 100% titanium. There’s no such thing as 100% Titanium Cookware, as a result of titanium itself shouldn't be a great conductor of heat. You would have hotspots in the pan and it would not cook evenly if it was pure titanium. So in order to create an excellent cooking floor, we use an aluminum plate on the bottom of the pan to disperse the heat evenly into the titanium surface. The titanium surface is permanently fused to the aluminum plate. It’s not sprayed glue or baked on, so there isn't a probability that the aluminum would leach into your meals. You'd literally have to turn the pan over and cook on the bottom for that to happen, and that i don’t suppose you’ll be doing that! 3: It is best to never use Steel utensils. While this is completely true for Teflon and most nonstick cookware, it is not true for Titanium Cookware. The titanium floor of the pan will withstand normal use of peculiar metallic utensils. Now this doesn’t mean you may seize a steak knife and start carving into the pan. You'll of course go away a mark, that’s simply common sense! Using steel spatulas mustn't have an effect on the cooking surface of our Titanium Cookware, nonetheless knives and forks may dull the shine/finish. Nevertheless, that will even happen with stainless steel cookware. Either manner, using metallic utensils should not have an effect on the pans potential to remain non-stick. Typically people take a look at the price of a top quality product and say, "Hey, that’s great, but it’s too expensive! But is it really? Let’s take cookware as an illustration. Sure, you can go to Walmart and purchase a $20 Teflon pan, use it for a couple of months, and then purchase a brand new one when it wears out. But in case you think about it, you’ll find yourself spending far extra money that way, buying new pans time and again. Not to say, your time is worth cash. Soaking and scrubbing and takes time. That’s time you may very well be spending with your family. So whenever you have a look at the price of buying cheap cookware, chances are you'll find that it’s truly dearer than spending the money on a quality product. Especially if that high quality product will prevent time they could possibly be higher spent along with your cherished ones. We used the approach of "Metals over Chemicals". This means we use a metal response to create a surface that is 10x more nonstick than Teflon, which uses a chemical reaction. Chemicals fade and breakdown, metals do not. Are cookware is so nonstick, you can even cook food was absolutely no oil or butter. The Titanium floor is shouldn't be sprayed, glued, or baked on. It’s permanently fused to the aluminum cooking plate on the underside so that it never chips, cracks, peels or flakes. This is lined under our 30 12 months guarantee, so if it have been to occur, we ship you a new pan! Our Titanium Cookware is oven protected up to 500 degrees as a way to bake, braise, broil, sear, poach, brown or blacken in any of these titanium pans. Our cookware is rugged, made to industrial standards so that regular use with metal spatulas won't affect the cooking floor or performance. There isn't a Teflon or PFOA on this cookware with the intention to sleep at night knowing this dangerous chemical shouldn't be affecting your family or cherished ones. The metal handles are fabricated from industrial steel and triple-riveted in order that they won’t come unfastened or break off like most store-purchased cookware. Each Titanium pan is Certified by the NSF, The Nationwide Sanitation Foundation so that you're allowed to make use of it for commercial use. The entire lids are heavy duty stainless steel and have an adjustable steam vent built proper in. Each lid is recessed a few half inch, making a reservoir in order that any liquid that may boil over will not create a large number. Whenever you buy a set of Titanium Cookware, here is what you get. The normal price we promote this set for at commerce shows is $799. But immediately you’ll pay lower than 1/2 of that whole value. As a result of you can get a set of this amazing cookware at present for the low worth of . We're so assured in our cookware, that we put together a loopy 30 12 months Guarantee! Right here is what it consists of . For the next 30 years . If they ever chip, peel, crack or flake . If they ever warp or bend . If the lids deform . If the handles come free, or jiggle . If it ever sticks . Yes, For the following 30 years! Merely name the quantity in your warranty card, give them the serial quantity on the bottom of the pan, and they'll help you in exchanging the piece for a model new one! No charge to ship you a new one! Additionally, when you receive your shipment of cookware, when you open the box and it wasn’t what you anticipated, you possibly can simply return it for a full refund. HOW Long Have you BEEN Trying to find Truly NON-STICK COOKWARE, With out Harmful CHEMICALS? I’m positive it’s been quite a while. What makes you think shopping for another Teflon pan is the reply? It wasn’t the answer earlier than, and it won’t be the reply now. The answer is transferring from cookware that is predicated on chemicals, to cookware that is predicated on metals. Metal is the reply. Sure, you could possibly use stainless steel and keep away from the chemicals, but then you are nonetheless dwelling in a world where soaking and scrubbing is a every day wrestle. Titanium offers you the best of both worlds. You’re getting a truly nonstick cookware that is 10x extra nonstick than Teflon. Yet, your usually are not getting the harmful chemicals present in Teflon! As soon as once more, Titanium Cookware is PFOA free! Titanium is so protected, it’s utilized in heart valve, knee and joint replacements. So my question is that this. Are you holding yourself accountable? When you go to sleep at evening and think about your health, are you doing one thing about it? If you stare at that pan soaking in the sink and feel the frustration build inside your physique, who’s fault is it really? I know this may sound a bit harsh, but it’s simple to tell ourselves we’ll change, but we regularly don’t. Should you suppose it’s time for new cookware, then do something about it. Purchase a set of Titanium Cookware and enjoy a world where "food sticking" isn’t a problem, nor is worrying about your health.