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Resistant to compelled and stealth entry, straightforward to purchase, and broadly really useful, the Schlage B60N is sort of a residential version of a high-safety deadbolt. At the time of publishing, the value was $35. The Schlage B60N is basically a residential model of a excessive-safety deadbolt lock. It’s rated Grade 1 by ANSI/BHMA,1 which means it has handed the identical hammering, prying, sawing, selecting, and kicking exams as the hardest high-security locks that Schlage produces. Specialists instructed us it’s extremely difficult to lockpick the B60N-which, truthfully, will not be a lot of a concern anyway, because a Grade 1 lock like this is safe sufficient that a decided thief could be extra prone to bypass it and discover another approach into the house. We requested 4 locksmiths to choose between this Schlage mannequin and a equally qualified deadbolt lock from Kwikset. They unanimously voted for Schlage. The strike plate is the steel opening where the deadbolt engages with the doorframe-and strikes are usually not all the identical. The higher type is known as a reinforced strike, and installing one is a cheap security improve that experts consider practically as necessary as the deadbolt lock itself. After contemplating about a dozen, we settled on the Battalion Strike Plate: It’s affordable, easy, robust, and very much like the sturdy strikes many high-security deadbolts come with. That’s as a result of, like them, it options an integral metal-lined bolt-hole, which adds strength towards kicking and different types of forced entry. It also mounts to the doorframe with four screws; many standard strike plates use solely two. One complaint: The screws it comes with are just 2 inches lengthy, when 3 inches and even 4 inches is much better-you may want to search out longer screws for a stronger attachment to the doorframe. If the Battalion isn’t out there, the Prime-Line U 9539, which we also looked at, is nearly equivalent.